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I pledge to vote on May 14th for a clean energy economy that’s fair for all British Columbians.

BC is at a crossroads. In just weeks, British Columbians will vote to set the province’s direction for the next 4 years. Oil industry lobbyists know what’s at stake in this election, and they are spending big money to undermine BC’s growing opposition to tankers, pipelines and dirty energy exports.

Elections are the time when people have the most power, but only if we make our voices heard. We can stand up to oil lobbyists and create a clear mandate for a clean energy economy by working together to build a powerful voting block that’s committed to lasting change.

Sign the Power Vote BC pledge to tell your candidates you want a clean energy economy that’s fair for all British Columbians.

Together, we can create good jobs, safeguard our land, water and climate, and support healthy communities.

How This Works

  1. Pledge to vote for a clean energy economy along with thousands of British Columbians.

  2. Challenge the parties to deliver strong platforms on these issues. We’ll send you a report of their positions so you can make an informed choice.

  3. Vote to elect candidates who will begin the shift to a clean energy economy that’s fair for all British Columbians.

We can make a huge difference, but only if enough of us sign the Power Vote BC pledge, spread the word and vote on May 14. After the election, we’ll keep working together to hold government accountable and support real solutions.


Our federal government and the oil and gas industry have made their agenda clear: they want to use our province as an energy export corridor to move tar sands bitumen and fracked gas through our province to overseas markets. This irresponsible path is threatening the quality of our air, land, and water, while creating few permanent jobs and destabilizing our climate.

More and more British Columbians are saying that this is a step backwards that will leave our environment vulnerable to tanker spills and ground water contamination, while betting our economy on volatile global energy prices.

So, what’s a clean energy economy that’s fair to all British Columbians? We’re asking the parties to deliver strong platforms to build clean energy economies that will meet the following six goals. We’ll report their positions to you so you can make an informed decision.

Six goals for building a clean energy economy that’s fair to all British Columbians:

  1. Meet or exceed BC’s legislated targets to cut global warming pollution.

  2. Create good jobs that will ensure lasting prosperity.

  3. Respect Aboriginal rights and title.

  4. Protect BC’s land, air and water while supporting healthy communities.

  5. Include British Columbians in decisions that affect their communities.

  6. Ensure a just transition that does not place unfair burdens on British Columbians.

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